Building a stable, sustainable and independent solution for financial services professionnals

The CPSF has established a professional liability insurance program offering its members an auto­nomous solution protecting both the financial assets and moral integrity of Quebec’s financial services professionals.

Invest in your professional
liability insurance

  • Self-insurance component — participation into underwriting profits (5% return on premium for the members of the plan in 2016)
  • Exclusive program with the ENCON Group, a Canadian professional liability leader
  • Claims committee with active participation in claims management to align the program and the member’s interests
  • Involved in risk management training sessions

Extended Coverage:

  • Coverage for defence and litigation costs in regulatory investigations or legal disputes arising from the professional activities of the Insured (including tax litigation, anti-spam laws, etc) – up to $250,000
  • Unlimited legal assistance over the phone
  • Outside directorship liability coverage included – up to $250,000
  • Cyber risk coverage included – up to $250,000
  • Coverage for your clients’ benefits plan administrator available on demand
  • Decreasing deductible for each claim free year
  • Activities covered: Life & health insurance, group benefits plan, segregated and mutual funds, financial planning. Other activities can also be covered on request
  • Limits from 1M to 5M available – Plan available for agents and firms


All new participants in the ALTEO insurance program become privileged members of the CPFS, which ensures you of all your mandatory accredited courses for free !